Go hiking

Skellefteå Kommun, Skellefteå

Getting just the right amount of physical activity will do you good. This is common knowledge. It is also said that nature is a healer for both body and soul. Maybe more so than ever in late summer. That’s when the colours begin to change, from sharply green to fiery red and orange. The air becomes wonderfully crisp and fresh, filling your lungs and your mind with energy

Hiking is quite simple. Step one: pick a trail. Step two: Head out. Step three: Enjoy! If you go on a day hike you hardly need more than nice hiking boots, a small backpack and snacks. Preferably a thermos, with coffee or hot chocolate. And of course a sandwich or two, topped with a generous helping of Västerbotten Cheese. Would you like to hike for longer than that? Then you extend your packing with a tent, a groundsheet and everything else you might need to hike over several days through the rolling forest landscape as heal some as it possibly can be.

Summer hiking card
It's time for a new hiking season with the hiking card. The municipality of Skellefteå will be held between 1 June and 30 September. But it is possible to hike other time as well. By 2020, there are 16 routes to choose from. You only need to find three checks on three of the joints, in order to participate in the draw of fine outdoor prizes. More information.

Open the hiking trail digital map on your mobile HERE

More information about the routes