Beaches - Bjuröklubb


Västerbotten's longest sea sand beach, Storsand, is located in Bjuröklubb and many visitors come here during the summer months. If you prefer a little privacy the cliffs along the coast in the area are excellent options for a cooling dip in the sea.

Bjuröklubb is not only one of Skellefteå's most appreciated excursion destinations, here is also Västerbotten's longest sea sand beach. The sand is light and fine-grained and likes to find its way between the toes. On a calm day, the feeling of being in southern latitudes is palpable.

Stretches round the coast and are a very nice alternative to the sandy beach.

The harbour area with a sauna
Here you have the opportunity to extend the bathing season and book the heating sauna, free of charge for one hour. This is done via the booking list on site. It's not possible to book the sauna in advance.


  • Sauna
  • Guest harbour
  • WC
  • Beach
  • Parking
  • Nature reserve