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Small! Then!


Small! Then! is a photo exhibition with pictures of children at different ages and from different times. All photos are part of the museums collections.

See snapshots of everyday life - bathing in the bathtub, playing in the snow, riding a bike and playing soccer with friends. You will also see well-dressed children posing for the camera – some happier than others.

Maybe you see someone you recognize, or simply want to show your children what children looked like through the ages. Whatever the reason, Small! Then! is a photo exhibition that will put a smile on your face.

You will find the exhibition upstairs outside Barnsia, between the lift and the exhibition space.

The entire exhibition is also available online - Click here to see Small! Then!


Contact information

Ernst Westerlunds Alle
93132 Skellefteå


Opening hours

  1. Today10:00-16:00
  2. Sunday10:00-16:00
  3. MondayClosed on mondays
  4. Tuesday10:00-19:00
  5. Wednesday10:00-16:00
  6. Thursday10:00-16:00
  7. Friday10:00-16:00

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