The Big Dialect Show - By and with Fredrik Lindström

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The immensely acclaimed TV host and language expert Fredrik Lindström is currently on a tour across Sweden with "The Big Dialect Show – By and with Fredrik Lindström." Unique to the show is the specially written material for each locality that Fredrik and his sidekick Helena Lindegren (from Skellefteå!) visit. In the show, questions such as why dialects exist, why they sound the way they do, and everything in between are dissected.

How many dialects are there really in Sweden? Who decides what is a language and what is a dialect? Is it pronounced "kex" or "tjex"? Do animals also have dialects? Fredrik Lindström is one of the country's most beloved TV hosts and language experts. He previously released the critically acclaimed book "100 Swedish Dialects," which was loved by Swedes and became the starting point for the work on "The Big Dialect Show." Over the years, he has encountered countless questions about language in general and dialects in particular. Now, he provides answers to some of these questions in his new show!

In "The Big Dialect Show," the audience gets to delve into our Swedish dialects in an entertaining way. It's a fun, sketchy, and fact-based show where the audience gets an overview of the big questions but also delves into their own dialects. Do they really whine in Västerås and are Gothenburgers really so happy? Why do some people speak more dialect when they're angry or when they're having sex? What is the country's most incomprehensible dialect? With him on stage, he has actress Helena Lindegren, a sidekick who helps Fredrik visualize and illustrate the show.

– Helena is a perfect sidekick! She can sing, dance, and joke around, and she will take the show to new heights," he says. She also has a lot of experience in improvisation, and that's perfect because every night will be different here. And of course, she's also damn good at imitating dialects, says Fredrik Lindström.

On February 7th, Fredrik Lindström and Helena Lindegren will come to Sara kulturhus in Skellefteå!


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