Have time for what you truly love to do

Whether you prefer summer to winter, a hard running session in the forest or a quiet day at the beach, the freedom of the bike, or a gallop on a horse, there is time for your passions here in Skellefteå. Most recreational possibilities are only 10 or 20 minutes away by car. It's amazing, isn't it? 

Digital guides to help you find your way

We have produced a wide variety of guides for things to do in and around Skellefteå, so that you can quickly and easily find exactly what you are looking for.

Enjoyable winter days

One advantage of living up here in the north is that we have clearly defined seasons. The days of summer are bright, while the days of winter are short, although illuminated by the snow. The winter nights' skies are also lit up by the dancing northern lights in green, pink and purple shades. We take advantage of these seasonal differences. We enjoy ourselves in the cold with an icy bath, with downhill skiing in central Skellefteå and rural areas, and playing in the snow wherever you, and your family, are.