Your guide to Bjuröklubb

Bjuröklubb is one of our most visited destinations: a beautiful nature reserve with a long history. There are traces here of temporary settlements dated all the way back to the Bronze Age, and there was a community here with fishermen, a lighthouse and customs personnel, chapel, school and shop until the 1940s. Today you can spend a night in the lighthouse, have a coffee in the old pilot house, walk along winding paths and enjoy the endless views of the sea.

Everything that Bjuröklubb can offer

At Bjuröklubb you can easily spend a half day, full day or a whole weekend. There is a lot to see and enjoy, and since Bjuröklubb is a protruding headland with incredible views of the open sea, the nature experience will vary depending on whether you are here in the morning, in the middle of the day or in the evening. There are even accommodation options in the old lighthouse and in the guest harbor for those who have their own boat.

Freedom to roam

The Swedish freedom to roam is fantastic! It makes it possible for everyone to practice outdoor life and move freely and easily in nature, but it also places certain demands on those who visit it. Read more about the possibilities and obligations of the right of public access here.