Two young women sitting outside a lighthouse on a bright summer morning, eating breakfast

One night in Bjuröklubbs lighthouse

Sven Burman
September 16 2022 Sven Burman
- So how do we get there? Hanna wonders when she jumps into the car although she is also the only one of the three who has once been to Bjuröklubb. Jeanette moved to Skellefteå from Norway just a year ago and Amanda from Canada this autumn. They are on their way out to explore Bjuröklubb and sleep one night in the old lighthouse.

It's 5.30 pm when they park the car and quickly trudge up to the characteristic yellow lighthouse. A lighthouse, which for a couple of years now can be booked as accommodation. While Amanda unpacks the take-away dinner, Jeanette explores their new home.
- There is another floor with a ‘master bedroom’, she shouts from an unclear distance.

A trip in the nature reserve

- How many layers do we need? How long do you think we will be out? Amanda wonders. It is 6 pm and it is time to explore the surroundings. Time to search for the ravaging blue whale that Laleh once sang about. They walk for almost four hours, over cobblestones, beaches and rocks. Through rice and coniferous forest. Sometimes together. Sometimes apart with time for reflection and recovery.

Post-hike. Time for a cozy evening

It is almost 21.00 when the trio returns to the lighthouse. They did not see any blue whales, even though you can see the horizon from north to east to south.
- I do not think that the lighthouse will be lit now that it no longer serves shipping, Hanna says with an uncertainty in her voice.
They put on their pajamas and cozied up in the sofas with evening coffee on the table between them. Their feet hurt. They talk about their day and about life all the issues.

The Unexpected

It is 22.30 when the sun finally sets. Hanna puts on her shoes to go outside to brush her teeth, but soon comes rushing back in.
- It's on! The lighthouse! It's up and running!

Amanda and Jeanette grab their phones and cameras to capture the spectacle. Outside it is now cool and completely quiet. Only the waves crashing against the beach, 40 meters below, break the silence.

Breakfast with a view

When Jeanette comes out of her bedroom in the morning, Amanda is already up. She woke up to the seagulls' screams at 7.00 and has already boiled coffee.

- Nothing tastes as good as your first cup of coffee in the morning, especially with this view, says Jeanette who is still squinting awake. Hanna only wakes up when there is a knock on the front door. The breakfast delivery from Café Fyren is included.

- Of course we eat outside, Hanna says. The sun is shining.
A light breeze blows , not uncommon by the sea, but the winds are balmy. The trio takes their time on the stairs. Eating slowly. Refills the coffee and notices that this will be a day to remember.

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