FOR SALE: Skellefteå Adventurepark

Become the New Owner of Skellefteå Adventurepark


Located in the north of Sweden, close to the polar circle, Skellefteå Adventurepark offers a blend of history and adventure. The area is well-known for its mineral richness, and a historic 150-meter-long mine.


The park, covering an impressive 94,000 m^2, isn't just about the mine. It's an adventurer's haven with activities like a high-altitude zip-line trail, paintball, and nature experiences that bring people closer to the outdoors. The winter season has particular potential for development, with activities such as snowshoeing under the night sky, possibly illuminated by the Northern Lights, and many other outdoor experiences on snow.


Skellefteå Adventurepark is a popular spot for families, corporate groups, and events, offering versatile facilities from the spacious Mine Cabin for conferences to the cozy Timber Barn for intimate gatherings with local food cooked over an open fire.


After years of growth under the current owner, Tobias, the park is ready for a new entrepreneur. Tobias, looking to focus on family, is offering this thriving business for sale to someone ready to take it to the next level and leave their mark.


Opportunity to Shape Your Future in Skellefteå


As Skellefteå grows steadily, so does the demand for unique experiences and activities. This is your chance to step into a successful business in the hospitality and outdoor adventure sector, where your dedication and passion can turn this opportunity into your dream venture.


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