FOR SALE: Skellefteå Adventurepark


Just outside Skellefteå, in Subarctic Sweden, lies a quaint village and lake named Varuträsk, which also lends its name to a historic and petite mine. The area perpetually draws geologists and mineral enthusiasts from across the globe, and the reason is quite straightforward. This region is immensely rich in minerals, boasting more than 70 different types, many of which are scarce. Among these is "Varuliten," a mineral named after the locality. "Today, the historic 150-meter-long mine stands as one of the numerous attractions when visiting Skellefteå Adventure Park," explains Tobias, the current owner and entrepreneur. Spanning over 94,000 m^2, the park is not merely an outdoor area with a mine; it is an extensive playground catering to those with an adventurous spirit. Imagine a place where you can explore the depths of a historic 150-meter-long mine and, moments later, embark on a thrilling high-altitude zip-line trail amidst the treetops.


The park is welcoming to everyone – families, corporate groups, and large parties. Beyond the subterranean wonders of the mine, the park is brimming with life and offers numerous opportunities for bonding through activities such as paintball on a dedicated track, as well as diverse nature experiences weaving through the adjacent forest. Embracing the splendor of the wild north, Skellefteå Adventure Park also provides ethereal experiences, such as snowshoe walks under the enchanting light of the full moon, where participants can traverse the Varuträsk forests or kindle a warming campfire under the stars.


This adventure, occasionally graced by the spectacular Northern Lights, enhances the park's versatile facilities, designed to accommodate various events, ranging from corporate conferences in the spacious Mine Cabin to intimate gatherings around the fireplace in the cozy Timber Barn, complete with local delicacies prepared over an open fire.


Under Tobias's vigilant stewardship, Skellefteå Adventure Park has flourished into a sought-after local tourist destination, poised to attract an increasing number of international visitors. However, change is imminent, presenting a unique opportunity. Motivated by personal circumstances and a desire to spend more quality time with his children, Tobias is ready to pass the torch to another visionary entrepreneur. For the right individual or group, this represents a golden opportunity to take ownership, develop, and shape the future of this venue, continuing its legacy while also imprinting their own vision.




Skellefteå is experiencing steady growth, and with it, the demand for experiences and activities, catering to both groups and individuals, is on the rise. As the current owner embarks on a new chapter in life, this transition opens doors for someone else to forge their own future through entrepreneurship. Success in the hospitality industry requires dedication, a passion for people, and a love for the outdoors, all year round. The outcome and the rewards you reap are in your hands.


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