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Welcome to our portal where we'll be your guide to enjoying the simple life. A life with more time for family, a life in a growing and green city with sustainability at its very heart - a simple life you, and your family, can enjoy. A green and relaxed life you'll find here in Skellefteå.

Skellefteå - The New Cool

Why is Skellefteå enjoying the simple life? Well, there are currently higher infrastructure investments in the city than anywhere else in Sweden, the commuting time between home and work is usually shorter, and there are abundant swathes of nature and multiple leisure opportunities nearby. These are just some of the contributory factors to why your life in Skellefteå could be more simple and enjoyable. Cool huh?


If you are curious to know more about Skellefteå, what it’s like to live here, jobs available and so on, our team is here and very happy to answer your questions! Contact them by clicking the button below.