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Forskarrum Nordanå


Forskarrum Nordanå is a place for local historical research and storytelling for those who want to learn more about the history of Skellefteå. You are welcome to search the material on your own, and there are always available staff who can help you.

Forskarrum Nordanå is a collaboration between Skellefteå museum, Företagsarkivet i Westerbotten, Folkrörelsearkivet i Västerbotten. Forskarrum Nordanå also contains the information center Håll Hus, which offers tips and advice on building maintenance. 


The library contains about 20,000 volumes and has a culturalhistorical orientation with local history as a specialty. In addition, there are settlement inventories, records, documentation and popular movement, association and business history. The library is primarily a reference library, which means you cannot borrow books and magazines, but you are welcome to read them at Forskarrum Nordanå. The library's directory is registered in the database Libris.


About 40,000 of the museum's 4.5 million photos and negatives are copied and available in the form of paper copies in binders. An internal database with the museum's object and photo collection and the opportunity to order images from Företagsarkivet and Folkrörelsearkivet. The images come mainly from Skellefteå, Malå and Norsjö. You can order copies of the pictures at Forskarrum Nordanå.


The archive contains articles mainly from local magazines Norra Västerbotten, Västerbotten's Kuriren and Västerbotten's Folkblad. Early clips have been collected from 1929-1950, but more continuously from 1972-2010.

Personal history - genealogy

Together with the study associations, courses in genealogy are arranged in Forskarrum Nordanå. We collaborate with Skellefteåbygdens släktforskarförening. The computers contain programs such as Digital forskarsal, Arkiv Digital and Indiko. In the subject area you also have access to a number of DVDs as well as microcards such as the Emigranten populär and Sweden's Death Book. With these tools you have an excellent starting point for genealogy.

If you want to order material from the archives, contact you a day before. This way you are guaranteed better service.

Schools, public colleges and universities

Forskarrum Nordanå is happy to help groups and researchers with materials for project work and essays. Teachers and course leaders are welcome to inquire about special programs according to individual wishes.

Contact information

Ernst Westerlunds Alle
93132 Skellefteå
Phone: +46-910735510


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Opening hours until 14 July: Tuesday - Friday 12 - 16
Closed 15/7 - 14/8

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