Your guide to Lövånger

Culture, history, Bjuröklubb and tranquility are something that attract visitors to Lövånger near the sea. Here you'll find one of Sweden's oldest preserved church towns dating back to the 17th century. Out at Bjuröklubb you can quietly enjoy the view from the lighthouse; the beautiful views and the waves of the Gulf of Bothnia crashing over the rock outcrops that can tell centuries-old stories.

Freedom to roam

The Swedish freedom to roam is fantastic! It makes it possible for everyone to practice outdoor life and move freely and easily in nature, but it also places certain demands on those who visit it. Read more about the possibilities and obligations of the right of public access here.

Eat well in Lövånger

For those who crave food and coffee, there are summer cafes with coffee and light meals to enjoy, and the year-round open Lövångergården with both a restaurant and the opportunity to combine your perfect waffle in the Våffelstugan.

Stay the night in Lövånger

The accommodations in Lövånger are truly something out of the ordinary. Sleep in a several houndred year old small cottage, in an old lighthouse with amazing views or in an old camp by the sea.

Your guide to Bjuröklubb

Bjuröklubb is one of our most visited destinations: a beautiful nature reserve with a long history. There are traces here of temporary settlements dated all the way back to the Bronze Age, and there was a community here with fishermen, a lighthouse and customs personnel, chapel, school and shop until the 1940s. In order for you to get the most out of your visit to Bjuröklubb, we have created a detailed guide with, among other things, a clear map that leads you directly to parking lots, hiking trails and much more.