Plan a sustainable event

Think about the environmental, social and economic aspects when planning and organizing your event so that your event can be as sustainable as possible. In Skellefteå, there are good conditions for sustainable events, and we at Visit Skellefteå want to help you as an event organizer along the way.

Our top tips for arranging a sustainable event

Environmental sustainability

Most people think about environmental sustainability when it comes to sustainability, and it is about protecting the environment. Think about how your event affects nature through the choice of transport, food, products, services and premises used.

  • Advise visitors to walk, cycle or take public transport to the event, and show which modes of transport are best suited. Feel free to link to timetables.
  • Avoid disposable items and strive to use products that are labeled with, for example, the Nordic Ecolabel, Good Environmental Choice, EU Ecolabel and Global Organic Textile Standard - GOTS.
  • Makes it possible to recycle cans and bottles on site


Social sustainability

Social sustainability is today at least as important as the environmental aspects when it comes to planning a sustainable event.

  • Choose a venue that is adapted to the event, which takes into account local ecosystems as well as any nearby residents with regard to noise and traffic disruptions.
  • Make information available digitally for increased availability.
  • Work for an even gender distribution among artists, prize givers and others who appear during the event.


Economic sustainability

Simply put, financial sustainability is about getting the economy together in the long run for the place where your event is arranged.

  • Collaborate with local actors for increased employment in the region.
  • Small-scale local alternatives can be more sustainable than eco-labeled products, even if they lack certification. Find out how durable the goods are, and communicate it to your customers.

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Certification for sustainable events

The Sustainable Events certification is a third-party certification for events with environmental, economic and social sustainability criteria. To achieve the certification, the Sustainable Event planning tool is used and the audit is performed by an external auditor.