Tips & links to organizers

Here you will find many useful tips for anyone who wants to arrange in Skellefteå. You can for instance check out our event calendar, the capacity of our facilities and how to go about getting the right permit. Of course, you can also contact our event coach at any time for tips and help.

When will the event take place?

Before booking a date, take a look at our event calendar to see what else is happening on the date you are thinking about. It might be that it clashes with something else, or that it supplements another event positively! As some events are still unofficial, make sure to send an email to Visit Skellefteå’s event coach, Maria Rautio ( to check for potential conflicts with events that are yet to be announced.

Where will the event take place?

The choice of venue often affects the event's accessibility, reception area and therefore the size of the audience. Feel free to consider where your event fits or consult the event coach at Visit Skellefteå.

List of event venues in Skellefteå >>

Rent public land

Almost all outdoor places where the public can move are public places. These are for everyone and you will need a permit from the police to use them for an event. Here are some examples of activities where a permit is needed from the police:

  • Set up scaffolding or construction lifts on pavement, street or pedestrian and bicycle path
  • Set up a container on the street
  • Market on squares or streets
  • Outdoor seating for bars and restaurants
  • Product racks and informational signs on the street
  • Concert, circus or similar events
  • Street food trailers

The application is done directly at the police. When the police receives an application from someone who wants to use public land, it is forwarded to the municipality. The police authority cannot grant a permit until the land manager (the municipality) has given their permission. Based on the applicable laws and regulations, the municipality can approve or reject the application.

In most cases, the application is approved with conditions such as that the site must be cleaned after use or that an approved traffic planning plan (TA plan) must be followed. The municipality has the right to charge a fee for the rental.

In some cases, additional permits may be required from, for example, the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket), the County Administrative Board (Länsstyrelsen), etc.

Permit application for public events at the police >>
Permit application for public space at the police >>
Fill in the application and send it to or alternatively visit a police station. Note that the application must be paid before the police can start processing it. This can be done at the police station, or with the payment information that is sent to the email address on the application.

Additional applications

Additional applications may also need to be made to the municipality. For example, food permit, alcohol permit or a permit for the use of flammable items. Sometimes an approved traffic planning plan (TA plan) is required.
The municipality’s permits, regulations and supervision >>

Market square place

Booking of market square place, apply directly at the municipality >> >>

Promote your event

If you have an event that you would like to be included in our event calendar, you can submit your event via our form. This way, you make the event visible on our website, and also on the municipality's websites.

Go to the form >>

It is also possible for your event to appear on the municipality's entrance signs with text and images, subject to availability. To appear on the signs, the event must fulfil certain criteria. Contact Skellefteå municipality's customer service for more information.

Telephone: 0910-73 50 00, press choice 4 

Accommodation capacity

In Skellefteå there are many different types of accommodation. Among other options, 1114 hotel beds spread over 599 rooms but also hostels in country houses and modern camping facilities.
Read more about our capacity here >>

Get help from our event coach

Need help? Our event coach Maria Rautio helps you with finding the right connections and can even take your event to the coordination meeting with authorities which takes place every other Wednesday.