Fishing in Skellefteå

In Skellefteå, there are great fishing opportunities in rivers as well as lakes and seas. Visit Byskeälven, which has one of Sweden's best salmon dikes, and pull up a salmon for tonight's dinner. If you prefer to fish for pike, we recommend our lakes instead, where pike fishing is extra good. But you don't have to go far for luck in fishing. In central Skellefteå flows the Skellefteälven river, the perfect fishing water for both sea trout and salmon. Perfect for those looking for a fishing experience close to the city.

Rules for fishing

Large parts of the lakes and waters within Skellefteå municipality are managed by some fisheries conservation area association. Skellefteå municipality has fisheries conservation areas that offer a wide range for all types of fishing. There is also an agreement between lakes and places that are adapted for wheelchair-bound fishermen.

5 rivers in Skellefteå municipality

Åby river
The Åby River is a forest river with its origin 165 km from its mouth. The lower stretch of the river descends more steeply than any other river in Norrland, creating fast rapids with excellent fishing spots. It is primarily in this area that fishing for salmon and sea trout is taking place. Fishing spots are clearly marked along the river. In addition to salmon and sea trout, there is also a significant population of sea-migrating grayling that swim up to their spawning grounds in the river during the spring season. 


Byske river
Byske River is well-known as one of Sweden's premier rivers for salmon fishing and attracts fishermen from all over the world every summer. Excellent opportunities are provided here to catch the dream fish, and the mighty rapids often challenge the angler. The fishing spots are clearly marked along the river, and even though the majority of fishing takes place in the lower parts of the river, the salmon migrate all the way to the river's source - a journey spanning 215 km. The river, most famous for its salmon fishing, also has a strong population of sea trout, and in the river's estuary area, you can also experience exciting fishing for pike, perch, grayling, and whitefish.


The Kåge River's winding course through Kågedalen covers many different types of fishing, in all seasons. During spring and autumn you can experience fantastic fishing for sea trout. You can find the trout along the river's currents and you can also get a rock-hard salmon cut. Grayling are fished along the rapids and like to bite on a fly. In the quiet stretches there are pike, perch and lake. In the estuary area out to Kågefjärden there is a rich supply of prey fish. Fishing for hunting pike and perch can therefore at times be of a really high class.


Skellefteå river - Central Skellefteå
The Skellefteå river flows through central Skellefteå and offers fantastic sport fishing. During spring and autumn, fishing for salmon and trout is very popular. During the spring, migratory sea trout visit the river and in the autumn, large numbers of spawning fish gather. Salmon fishing has been among the best in Sweden in recent years. For land fishing, heavier spoon pulls, spinner flies or bottom anglers are used. The area is easily accessible near the city center.


Bureå river - From Bjursön to the sea
Bureå river is a regulated forest river that begins in the area south of Bastuträsk. During its 70 km, the Bure river flows through several large and fine fishing lakes, for example Burträsket, Hjoggböleträsket, Mjövattsträsket, Falmarksträsket and Bodaträsket. The most common species for sport fishing in the area are pike, pikeperch, perch, trout, grayling and bream. The Bure River also has a population of crayfish. The best stretches for current fishing are in the lower parts of the river.

Want to know even more about fishing in Skellefteå?

In Skellefteå municipality, there are fantastic fishing opportunities all year round in both river, lake and sea. With 420 km of coastline, five large rivers, over 1,500 lakes and more than 1,000 named small streams, you can be sure that the options are many. Via the link below, you can find even more information about fishing in the municipality's many different waters.