Living & working in Skellefteå

Skellefteå is a growing city that offers something for everyone. We're here to help you plan your time! We have many tips on what you can do and some good information when you want to experience our part of the world. Welcome!

Enjoy the flavours of Västerbotten

We are very proud of our natural flavours. The ones which ground themselves in a prosperous nature where fantastic raw materials have grown at their own pace. In Skellefteå there is an ever-growing selection of restaurants and cafés where delicious flavours and good service are on the menu.

Skellefteå's restaurants and cafés have quickly adapted their offerings to handle the very unique situation we find ourselves in. Lunch boxes, take away and adapted serving to make it easy and safe to continue eating well for both lunch and dinner.

Selected restaurants

Experience Skellefteå

There are (almost) endless possibilities when it comes to activities in Skellefteå, we offer a wide variety to satisfy every taste and every one. Enjoy art exhibitions, improv theater, climb a mountain, see a moose. This coastal town in Swedish Lapland is full of experiences whether you like the great outdoors or rather stays inside.

Your guide to Vitberget

Vitberget is a mountain in central Skellefteå, a dedicated area for the natur lovers and adventure seekers. Ski downhill in the winter, berry picking in the fall, running during summer and much more. Experience the great outdoors only 2 kilometres from the city center.

Experience Skellefteå | Winter edition

Feel free to enjoy the nature!

The Right of Public Access gives everyone the freedom to enjoy the Swedish countryside. You can freely walk around in nature if you show consideration and do not disturb or destroy.


The moose hunting season will take place between 7th September and 27th September 2020, and between 12th October 12, 2020, and 31st January 2021. You can still take a walk in the woods, but it’s a good idea to wear bright clothes that stand out from the colours of the forest, for example, a red sweater or red hat. Usually, most of the hunters are in the forest during the first weeks of September. For your own safety, make them aware that you are nearby without disturbing the ongoing hunt.