How would you choose to live your life?

Home is the hub of life. It's the safe harbor that provides you with the opportunity to find a balance between work, socializing, and leisure. Skellefteå is a large municipality with plenty of space, a quality that offers you the chance to find your dream home and to create balance in your life. And all this at a lower cost of living than in larger Swedish cities. 

They sold everything and moved to northern Sweden

An attractive countryside

Countryside living is a very important counterbalance to urban living. One lifestyle is not better than the other - on the contrary, both ways of life are necessary. However, until now, the real estate industry has not really focused on the countryside, which has led to very low rural property prices and a lack of rural development. This is where Marklund Mäkleri comes in.


Marklund Mäkleri was founded by Ann-Helén Bågesund Marklund in 2018, with the focus on the conviction that more people would benefit from living closer to nature if only they were helped to find a suitable property. Ann-Helén's family has lived in the countryside for generations, and rural living is second nature for her, making Ann-Helén an ideal person to promote the pastoral lifestyle.


Close to local food producers and sustainable shopping

A balanced life doesn't just mean living in a peaceful place. It is also about establishing good habits that help create a healthy environment and a general feeling of well-being. When you buy locally produced ingredients and food products, you can feel confident in knowing exactly where the food comes from. And if you're keen to develop an even more sustainable consumer approach, and not buy everything new, you can instead find good, used products on the second-hand market and at yard sales (very popular in Sweden where they are called 'loppis') for a lot less money.